Getting Married Abroad

If you are getting married abroad then a destination wedding photographer could be the answer. By choosing to take your photographer with you, you can meet up and get a feel for exactly what to expect on your wedding day. You can also be assured of the quality of photos and albums which is really important. I’ve heard so many horror stories of overseas weddings where couples have been left disappointed with the quality of their photographs after their wedding as they booked without meeting their photographer or settled with the photographer that was included in their package. Of course I’m a little biased and love to travel so I would say that, but it would be an honour to accompany you to your chosen wedding destination. Whether it be a sun drenched beach resort where you can marry bare foot on the sand, or perhaps a big city wedding, maybe New York with some iconic skylines as a stunning backdrop.

bride and groom on beach

I’ve travelled extensively over the years but most recently shooting weddings in Koh Samui Thailand, Santa Eulalial Ibiza and even Central Park in New York City. Upcoming weddings abroad include Portugal (I have family there so it’s nice and easy for me to fly out if you are getting married on the Algarve) which is such a beautiful part of the Mediterranean. I also have a bit of a bucket list for overseas weddings.

Should you take a photographer with you when you get married? I think so because not only will you get a creative perspective, you’ll also get all day wedding coverage (not just the ceremony offered my most in house services). That said you should check with your chosen venue before booking a wedding photographer who travels, as some more popular venues don’t allow external photographers, for example I understand this is quite common for UK Wedding Photographers working in Cyprus to need special permission from the hotel before being allowed to take pictures.

destination wedding venues new york

Jetting a photographer to far away places may sound crazy or expensive, but it can cost less than you think, and is a great way to ensure your big day memories are safely and creatively captured by a trusted professional. Perhaps you’re planning on travelling away from home to another part of the UK to get married? I’ve also previously shot elopments at Ladore Falls in the Lake District which was stunning. So wherever you choose to make your vows I’d love to here from you… Hit the contact page to get in touch.

Travelling Photographer

The creative mind like to dream of those awesome assignments, so here’s my bucket list for shooting weddings abroad, if you are getting hitched at any of the following locations then I’d love to hear from you. My passport is valid so as long as I don’t have any other weddings then I can fly or drive whatever the distance. Of course we may need to discuss covering travel costs, but I do quote all foreign weddings on a case by case basis.

Bucket List
  • Las Vegas
  • Paris/South of France
  • Iceland/Reykjavik
  • Swiss Alps
  • Lake Como/Sorento
  • New York (…again, because I’m greedy!)

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