Wedding Photography Prices

There are lots of options but coverage starts from £999. This gives you an idea of the investment associated with Creative Wedding Photography to a professional standard. Coverage can start at bridal preparations and continue throughout the wedding day until the evening entertainment. Just choose the length of coverage and a presentation product(s) from a hand picked selection of High Quality Wedding Albums and Digital options. Discounts are available for midweek weddings, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.


All packages include the following as standard

    • Ian France as the main photographer
    • Unlimited Shooting within the coverage
    • All Colour Correction and Edits
    • Album Design & Changes
    • Online Wedding Album
    • Online Proofing with purchase facility
    • Free Advice Throughout
    • All travel within 100 miles round trip
    • The start of a great relationship….

Destination Weddings – I really love to travel and have recently been to Ibiza, New York and Thailand to shoot Destination Weddings. We have family in Portugal so would be easily able to cover Weddings on the Algarve. I also have a bit of a bucket list for shooting abroad and would be delighted to photograph in the following locations.

  • Las Vegas
  • Paris
  • Swiss Alps
  • Marrakech
  • Lake Como / Sorrento
  • New york ( Again because I’m greedy )

About our Wedding Albums

When it comes to wedding photography, nothing can beat the physically touching and feeling wedding albums. While many a wedding photographers will now offer digital only photography packages, this may not be the most sensible idea when it comes to future planning. Think back to the days of VHS – which is now a redundant technology. How can we be sure that the the CD or USB stick won’t go the same way, making all of your wedding photos that are saved in that format impossible to access. We have books going back hundreds of years, but technology from a less than twenty years ago has all but disappeared, you could run the risk of losing your wedding photos forever.

The only way to guarantee that your wedding photography will always be relevant is to have your photographs printed, and although I’m a digital technology geek, this is something quite close to my heart because the risks of not printing them are huge. Your photos are available to purchase on a disc but the beauty and lasting nature of a printed wedding album is our primary objective, its the final piece of the artistic recipe.

Perhaps most importantly, wedding albums provide you with something concrete and sentimental to look at time and time again, ( I actually have my Grandmothers wedding album which is over 70 years old, and this is one of my most cherished possessions ). Over the years, your wedding album will become just as treasured: a physical reminder of your special day and the people who shared it. You’ll find that it will regularly be looked at: with friends, with family members and with your own children and even grandchildren in the years to come. While digital versions of your wedding photographs may well include a higher number of photos, looking through these photos just isn’t the same on a computer or tablet. Nothing compares to the professional printing and the expertly created look and feel of a wedding album that has been put together by a professional, your images will be printed in incredibly high quality to create a memory that you’re thrilled to look back on.

So it’s easy to see why a hard copy of your wedding album is still just as important today as it always has been. This is why I have chosen offer a wide range of different wedding albums, so we can cement your memories of the day with a physical reminder that will last a lifetime. The albums that I offer are contemporary, but are designed in a way that ensures that they will not look dated over time. You’ll find a wide variety of different covers, in many different colours and material options, meaning that it’s easy to find the perfect style to suit your wedding’s colour scheme, giving continuity that throughout the album. I’m always happy to advise creatively. A wedding album isn’t just a purchase: it’s an investment in an experience and lifetime memory for the entire family both present and future.

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