Lets Make Memories

Natural family portraits are a great way to capture those precious memories without too much posing. A family walk in the woods, or picnic by the lake, or a visit to a place that’s really meaningful to you all perhaps, Staffordshire offers a variety of beautiful and easily accessible locations to shoot in. Kids just love to charge around the open space without being told too much what to do or where to stand, its the best way to photograph your little monsters.

Anyone will tell you them I’m incredibly sentimental and my favourite pictures of my own children are those of them just being themselves and being kids! Parenthood seems to have made time fly faster than ever and the kids grow up and change so quickly; family lifestyle portraits are a wonderful way of recording memories and ensuring that you exist in photographs with your children too, creating a photographic legacy for generations to come.

No gimmicks, no fairy wings, just kids being kids. Our lifestyle family portraits are also fixed price meaning that we don’t operate the traditional photographers trick of getting you in with a cheap sitting fee, and then selling high price frames or prints. Just great value family portraits in Staffordshire and the surrounding areas. Availability is very limited so get in touch to discuss a booking a shoot.


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