Award Winning Photographer

Hello I’m Ian France, I’m an International Award Winning Creative Photographer (doesn’t that sound impressive?) based in Staffordshire which is smack bang in the middle of the UK. I’ve been doing this photography malarky since I left school and have been a full time professional since 2009, shooting weddings in rain, sun, sleet, snow and alien invasion (ok, a slight exaggeration) but let’s just say this is one photographer that’s been around the block after shooting well over 350 weddings. Even though I’m an experienced wedding photographer my job remains my passion, and have never lost the thirst to create something new and exciting. I also love to travel and in the last year have been very fortunate to have shot weddings in New York and Thailand, both very different but amazing experiences. 


The Creative – I have always enjoyed making things, even when I was a kid I used to fashion light sabres and spaceships from newspaper, cardboard boxes and lego. I honestly feel that my imagination and desire to create something from nothing is rooted in my childhood play, and I see your wedding as an opportunity to relive that feeling of excitement when it all comes together. I constantly challenge myself to find new and unique images that mean so much more to you than any Pinterest board ever will.

The Business Owner. – The serious responsible one that makes sure you get the best possible service and experience. Beside ensuring that I document your wedding day beautifully, I make sure that all my kit is well looked after and maintained, and that I am correctly insured. I get great reviews from all of my clients and just want to be the best I can possibly be for everyone.

The RomanticAsking my wife to marry me while on a horse drawn carriage ride in Central Park NYC is probably my most romantic moment. I quite often still buy her flowers for no reason at all. Affection & romance is so deeply rooted into my work, I think it’s so important to convey the connection that my couples have with each other.

The FatherMy two girls are the most important thing to me, being Daddy and spending time with them has certainly changed my whole perception on life. One is a ballerina book worm and the other a curly mopped sporty climber, they are both beautiful and they are my world.

The Geek – I love technology and the fact that it makes our lives so much easier. I want the latest phone, the latest camera, and really appreciate how I can use the internet to communicate with thousands of people at once; I am a self-confessed Facebook and Instagram addict. I wouldn’t say I was a big movie buff but do watch the occasional box set and find it great to watch retro comedy like Fawlty Towers & Alan Partridge while editing. My biggest fear is turning into Alan Partridge and have on occasion sub consciously used his quotes in conversation, for that I apologise.  I also used to be a DJ, only in the cool clubs though, I graced the decks at the legendary Godskitchen and Miss Moneypenny’s a few times and still occasionally dust off the headphones for a nostalgic mix.


This is me looking a bit like a Cheshire Cat that just won a lifetime supply of cream. It was taken just after I received the Wedding Industry special “Highly Commended” Award. I’ve also had work featured on many famous wedding blogs and earlier this year was also presented a prestigious “Best of Year” and also three “Editors choice” awards by an International Wedding Photographers competition.

When not shooting weddings I can normally be found riding my mountain bike across the Staffordshire countryside or in the Gym keeping fit, these cameras are heavy! I also do a little life drawing or but have been known to get stuck into some pretty extreme DIY projects… This Victorian house renovation *will* be finished one day. I am also learning to speak Portuguese (very slowly and pretty badly) because we are lucky enough to have family in the Algarve, and spend a few weeks a year there in the sunshine. I have also shot some Portugal destination weddings last year…  So now that you know me then please feel free to entre em contato comigo o meu novo amigo

I’ll leave you with a couple of my most precious personal photos from the last few years.





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