Hannah & Ross | Pimhill Barn Wedding

pimhill barn wedding

This was my first Pimhill Barn wedding so I was super excited to visit a new venue and it didn’t fail to deliver! From beer pong to the Bride in a leather jacket, Ross & Hannah pulled off a wicked wedding. Pimhill Barn gave them a blank canvas to work with, allowing them to create quirky wedding decor, individual to them and the perfect backdrop for some really cool photos! I loved using the more industrial areas as well as the barn itself, Hannah & Ross’s relaxed attitude really suits my style of photography. As wedding tradition goes; yes, it took place in church; yes, there were rings; yes, and that was probably about it? Such a chilled day and then the guests partied hard, hitting the Dancefloor until late into the evening. It was real pleasure to be part of your wedding day, thanks for having me!

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About the wedding

Your names

Ross & Hannah Newton

How did you meet?

Han & I met working at a Country Club about 7 years ago and have been together for 4 years now.

Tell me your proposal story

Hannah loves Disney and so we booked a last-minute trip to Disneyland Paris for New Years Eve (literally booked it the day before). I knew that I wanted to ask her to marry me and I thought it would be the perfect place so I frantically ran round town to buy the ring! Luckily, it was all worth the manic rush!

Why did you choose the venue(s) you chose for your wedding day?

We spent the first couple of months looking at a few locations. And although they were beautiful venues, we felt quite restricted on what we could do with them to make them our own. And then we found Pimhill Barn!! It was everything that we wanted and more! We spoke to the owner and she told us that the place would be ours to do as we wished! We would have it for three days and she would give us free rein! We knew then that we’d found the right place for us!

What was it you loved about your outfits and accessories that made you choose them?

Han’s leather jacket! She had it hand-painted from somebody she found on Instagram called ‘The Mermaid Effect’ – she does some really cool designs! I had no idea that she was having it done! It was a really nice touch and really made her outfit – she looked wicked!

Tell me about the vision you had for your wedding including your theme/colour scheme/styling/flowers:

We had no real theme in mind. We knew that we wanted a barn; we knew that we wanted something rustic in feel; and we knew that we wanted it to be super chilled out. We had a really good florist called Michele Gledhill who brought a ton of greenery to the venue which went hand in hand with the rustic barn setup. As for colours, Han wanted all of the bridesmaids’ dresses and suits to be subtle, neutral colours and nothing too garish, something to complement the venue’s style.

What was your first dance and why did you choose it?

We chose the Lumineers, Ho Hey. It’s a really nice song and it’s a little upbeat. We didn’t want anything too slow or too long. Ross is an awful dancer so it would be too painful to watch him dance for too long ha!

What were the best parts of the day for you?

The whole thing was wicked! We had a great day from start to end but I think the best part for us was just sitting back at the dinner table and watching all of our friends and families mingle, feast and laugh together. It really felt like one big get-together as opposed to a traditional formal gathering, which was just what we wanted!

Why did you choose Ian France as your photographer, and what was your experience of your photography on the day?

Word of mouth initially. Lots of people were recommending Ian so we went to visit him at the local wedding fayre. His work is so cool and so unique. However, it’s how laid-back and easy-going he is that made us book him. He was on our wave length and we knew he was the right photographer for us straight away! Ian worked so hard on the day and barely stopped! He did a fantastic job and we couldn’t recommend him enough. The pictures capture the day perfectly and have given us memories that we’ll cherish forever.

What would be your best bit of advice to other couples planning their wedding?

Our main advice would be to not panic or stress over the details. People will come and want to share your special day regardless. We spent a long time choosing the right suppliers for us, people who got what we were about and what we wanted our day to be. Once we found them, we gave them free rein. They’re the professionals and we trusted them. It was so cool walking into the barn to see what they had come up with for us. If a bride and groom specifically choose something and on the day it isn’t exactly as they envisioned, I think that’s when people get disappointed and stressed about things.

Would you recommend Ian France to your Friends?

Without a doubt.

Bridal Gown Designer & Supplier

Hannah’s dress was by Made With Love who are based in Australia and was bought from Coco & Kate in Warwick. She saw her wedding dress first of all on a picture on Pinterest, at the time Coco & Kate were the only suppliers of Made With Love dresses in the UK. Although Warwick was a bit of a journey to try a dress on that she’d only seen a picture of, she made the journey and fell in love with it immediately!

Hair & Make-up

Hannah and her bridesmaids had their make-up done by Jessica Jackson, a make -up artist based in Oswestry. She did a great job!


We had an amazing florist, Michele Gledhill, who draped the beams in the barn and the tables with foliage and greenery. She also produced some beautiful flowers in huge milk churns too! Han had a range of peonies, gypsophila and eucalyptus leaves amongst her bouquet and in her hair too. Michele did a wonderful job!


Our cake and dessert table was created by Bake it Special in Telford. Lisa made a huge selection of vegan treats and cakes for our guests to enjoy. We explained the venue and the feel we were going for and she knew exactly what to do. The food was great and every crumb was consumed! She made it effortless for us. She turned up to the venue whilst we were at the church and laid out the treats and they looked and tasted wonderful!


All Saints Church, Clive and then onto Pimhill Barn, Shrewsbury.


Split The Difference! They have a selection of campervans. We had ‘Jessie’ a super-cool pale green camper!


We had a bit of a mix and match! Ross’s suit was from Asos and the groomsmen wore matching waistcoats to his suit. However, their suits were from next, all finished with a nice Moss Bros. tie.

Bridesmaid Dresses

The bridesmaids’ dresses were also from Asos. They have a really good wedding collection.


We had a caricature artist come and draw our guests! Ross is really into art and has been his entire life so to have something like that was really personal to us. George (also know as The Wedding Artist) drew some incredible pictures of our friends and family. He was so funny with our guests and it made the reception lively and interactive. We also brought a pool table and beer pong with us! We set it up as a bit of an escape for people if they didn’t want to dance all night long and we weren’t too sure if people would spend much time playing. We couldn’t have been more wrong! We had grandparents nailing beer pong and as you can imagine, the more the night went on, the funnier it got! It was super cool. We also had ‘The Best Men’ come too who are really cool DJs. Steve played some wicked tunes! We met with him before to share our music taste and he did not fail to deliver! We had everything from The Kinks to The Killers – it was like a indie rock n’ roll club in there!

Venue Dressing

We dressed the venue ourselves initially with fairy lights and hung various things like ivy and props around the place. However, our florist came in and really made the difference. She dressed all the tables and beams, really bringing the place to life. It looked superb!


All of our bespoke stationery was done by Dawn at Dotty About Fred. All of the save the dates, the invitations, order of service, the table plan, name places and even the thank you cards were tied in with the same theme of greenery, gold foiling and quirky wording that just screamed our wedding! Everything she does is bespoke so the bride and groom get a completely personal and unique set of stationery.